Emergency Contacts For Our Carriers

After hurricane or other emergency, you may not be able to contact our office.  You may use these phone numbers to contact our carriers. Contact Us for more information.

Claims Phone Numbers

Auto Insurance
Mercury——————– 1-800-503-3724
MapFre———————1-305-470-9714 ext.23220

Homeowners Insurance
Banker’s——————1-800-627-0000 Press 2
Cypress——————–1-800-765-1347 Press 1
Conifer/White Pines—-1-877-263-6468 ext.5102
Citizens——————– 1-866-411-2742
Federated National—– 1-800-293-2532
Homeowner’s Choice—1-888-210-5235 Press 1
Southern Oak————-1-877-900-2280
Southen Fidelity———-1-866-874-7342 Press 1
Universal P & C———–1-800-425-9113 Press 2
United P & C————–1-800-861-4370

Flood Insurance
Wright———————1-800-820-3242 Press 5
National Flood———-1-800-637-3846 Press 1